AzamTV Customer Care Phone Number

Organization: AzamTV

AzamTV Customer Care Phone Number:

☎️ (+255) 0764 700 222 (Toll-Free Number)
☎️ (+255) 0784 108 000 (Toll-Free Number)
☎️ 0764 700 222 (TANZANIA)
☎️ 0784 108 000 (TANZANIA
☎️ 0225 508 080 (TANZANIA)
☎️ 0417 709 900 (UGANDA)
☎️ 0414 581 441 (UGANDA)
☎️ 0709 844 000 (KENYA)
☎️ 0211207207/207 (MALAWI)
☎️ 0998207207/207 (MALAWI)
☎️ 0885207207 (MALAWI)
☎️ 0728502002 (RWANDA)

Above we have got you AzamTV Customer Care phone number for Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda. We have also provided general toll free number of AzamTV.

You can call up the above AzamTV Customer Care number if you have any issues or technical problem with your AzamTV. You can call to solve problem related to decorder, set top box, payment, package, channels, account etc.

AzamTV Customer Service Email ID: 

AzamTV Social profile:

AzamTV Address:

Plot 46/4 Nyerere Road,

PO Box 2517 Dar Es Salaam,

Plot 19, Golf Course, Road, Lower Kololo,
P.O Box 22844 Kampala, Uganda

Azam Mugumo House,

on Kabarnet road next 
to Rose of Sharon Academy

AzamTV Bakhresa Malawi Ltd,Charterland Rd
P.O.Box.5847, Malawi


Rembo House (Plot No 21320), P.O.Box: 6358

About AzamTV:

AzamTV Customer Care phone number

AzamTV is an African DTH service provider. AzamTV is on of the most popular satellite television channel provider in East Africa.

AzamTV have it’s headquarter in Tanzania Africa. AzamTV was founded in 2013. AzamTV provides sports channels, entertainment channel, animal channels etc.

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